Buona Musica

Music is an important part of any culture. Music is used to entertain, express feelings, tell stories and so much more. One of my favorite things on this adventure to learn any and everything about Italy is discovering the music. Not only does listening to Italian music actually help with learning the language, as the cool kids say, it freaking slaps. Non-cool kid translation: The music is really good.

I may not always know what the lyrics mean, but a nice beat and good vocals are something that you can always appreciate no matter what. Thanks to Spotify playlists, I have found some really good Italian music over the last year or so, so what I will do next is list my three favorite Italian songs at the moment. I wish I could list more, especially since my three favorites change every day, but to keep it simple and save you time, I’ll force myself to cap it at three. Again, I’m no expert on the Italian language, so this is mainly a list of songs that I think sound good in terms of the beat or the voice of the artist singing, not lyrics. As far as lyrics go, I’ve tried to find the best translations to get a better understanding of the song, and I use that to give a quick description of the song. With that said, let’s get started.

3)  Fedez feat. Noemi – L’amore Eternit

This song is speaking about a toxic love. Eternit is a roofing material that exposed people to asbestos, so basically, the song is saying that a toxic relationship harms you like you were exposed to a carcinogen.

My favorite part of the song is definitely Noemi’s verse towards the end of the song. You don’t even have to fully understand the words to feel the energy coming from her. We can all relate to a song like this

2) Rocco Hunt – Sto bene così

Sto bene cosi means, I’m fine this way. The song is upbeat and gets you feeling good when you hear it. It’s basically a song about being carefree and enjoying the positives of life no matter what else is going on around you. I first heard this song on the FIFA 17 soundtrack, so whenever I was playing FIFA instead of doing my Italian homework, I would just play this song and tell myself I was just learning Italian in a different and more fun way.

smart thinking

1) J-AX, Fedez, T-Pain – Senza Pagare

Senza Pagare means without paying. This song is about once being broke, but now being rich and famous and not even needing money because their popularity gets them anything they want without paying. This is another song that gets you up on your feet and feeling good. When this comes on, I feel like I’m the one with money to blow and not a broke college student… then that low balance notification pops up after the weekend and I remember who I am. The song also has T-Pain in it, so Italy and America are coming together to make a banger. This blog is all about Italy and America so it’s definitely number one on my list.

Me when Senza Pagare comes on:


I hope you enjoy the songs you heard tonight, and maybe even start listening to Italian music yourself. Don’t forget to leave comments and share! Ciao! A Presto!


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