Halloween is coming up pretty soon, so around this time is when weird superstitions begin to gain more attention. Since I’ve begun learning Italian, I’ve also learned about some Italian superstitions as well. Many are similar to American superstitions, but there are a few interesting ones that seem to be backward compared to what we have here, as well as some wacky ones that I’ve never heard of before. Hopefully, I’ll have good luck with this post (*knocks on wood* Whoops, my bad Italy. I mean, *touches iron*).

We all have lucky numbers and numbers we think are unlucky. A common unlucky number is the number 13, but in Italy, 13 is actually a lucky number. Well, almost… It’s considered to be lucky unless you’re at a dinner table that has 13 people sitting around it, then that’s bad luck. It’s kind of confusing, but you can thank Judas, the 13th person to be seated at the Last Supper, for that because you know the whole betraying Jesus thing was a bad look. So, most of the time 13 is good, but 17 is unlucky all of the time. Why? The Roman numeral for 17 is XVII. VIXI is an anagram of XVII, and that is Latin for “I have lived” which is commonly interpreted as “My life is over”, or “I am dead”. So, a quick recap if y’all ever go to Italy. 13, mostly good. 17, major foul.

Sorry, Brock Osweiler…



One superstition I’ve never heard of before is what Italians called “Le Corna”. To ward off bad luck, people will make a horns sign with their index and pinky fingers and point it downwards. Make sure you point it down because leaving it up is considered to be an insult to whoever you point it at. That’s unheard of here in America. We associate the sign to mean either “Rock on” or the sign to represent the University of Texas. Italy is probably a popular destination for Texas A&M and Oklahoma fans because they keep the horns down 24/7.

Sorry UT…

hookem down


There are plenty more interesting superstitions in Italy, so I highly recommend researching more on your own. You’ll find some wacky stuff. Thanks for reading this week’s post and be sure to leave comments and share! Ciao! A Presto!


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