Portatemi a Torino

When I was taking Italian 101 and 102, I remember we always had discussion questions about where we would go and what we would do if we took a trip to Italy. You’d hear some of the typical places when we answered. Places like Milan, Rome, or Florence. For me though, my answer was always different from the rest. My answer was always Turin, Italy.


Turin, or Torino, is quietly one of Italy’s most important cities. Turin is the home of some of Italy’s major political and influential figures and played a huge role in the unification of Italy. Along with being the first capital of a unified Italy, Torino is also known as the automobile capital, one of the cafè capitals, the chocolate capital, and one of the film capitals of Italy.

That alone should make Turin a top destination, but there’s even so much more to choose from. Fantastic piazzas, museums, and places to eat all filled with rich history and great entertainment. Art, history, entertainment, food, nightlife, regardless of what many might think, Turin has it all.

The biggest reason I would love to visit Torino one day is because of its rich sports history. Torino is home to my favorite European soccer team, Juventus, Italy’s most successful club. Along with Juventus, there is also Torino F.C., another soccer club in Turin, as well as other sports teams such as basketball, rugby, and more. Turin hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 and has hosted European championships for many sports. Turin was awarded European Capital of Sport in 2015.

Torino may not be at the top of a tourist’s list when they travel to Italy, but it is still a great place and I hope that I’m lucky enough to visit one day. Once again, thanks for reading and be sure to leave comments and share! Ciao! A Presto!


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