The Italian Influence On Rap Music Pt. 2 + Farewell

Welcome back to part two! Continuing with the Italian influence in rap music, let’s take a quick look a flashier, more fun side of Italy’s role in rap music: The fashion. Designer apparel is and will probably always be a popular topic for rappers. As we all know, fashion is a huge part of Italian culture, and Italy Is home to many world-renowned designers. The two cultures are a match made in heaven.

A GQ article worked with to analyze the top 10 most mentioned designers in rap in the last 15 years. Out of 10 designers, 4 were Italian, with the top 3 being all Italian designers (Gucci, Versace, Prada). The article also goes on to talk about more popular designers and what their peak or most mentioned year was in rap music. You can read the rest here.

For some of the same reasons the Mafia influenced rap, Italian designers do the same. Italian fashion is known to be the at the top of high-class fashion, so when rappers brag about being high-class, telling your fans about all the designer clothing on you and in your closest is an easy way to do that.

Now, let’s a great example rap and Italian fashion. What is that? It’s Migos – Versace.

As you know, this blog was created as a class project. Now that the class is wrapping up, so is this blog. Thanks to everyone that read it, I hope it was interesting enough for you, and I hope it persuades you to learn about Italy more on your own. This blog may come back on its own at some time, but for now, farewell. Ciao!



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