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Ciao! My name is JD Hurd II. I am a Communication major, a member of the the football team, and also working towards an Italian Studies minor at Truman State University. I’m just a 21-year old guy from Texas who loves sports, food and comedy no matter where it comes from.


I fell in love with Italy at a young age after watching the Italian National soccer team (or football/calcio, whichever you prefer) throughout the 2006 World Cup. Around that time, all I knew about Italy was that they had a really great soccer team, the shape of the country looked really cool, and it was the home of luxury cars and one of my favorite foods as a kid, Manicotti. I’ve grown older, but my interest in Italian-related things has grown as well. I’m currently learning Italian through taking (more like surviving) classes here at Truman, as well as using different tools to learn in my free time. One of my favorite hobbies now is to watch Italian TV shows/movies and listen to Italian music. I’m also a fan of Serie A and Juventus. I’m nowhere near an expert on all things Italian, so the goal of this blog is to document my journey through learning about Italian culture. I plan to express my novice opinion on anything and everything Italian. From the food, sports, music, to anything else the culture provides, I hope my prospective as a foreigner many miles away provides a fresh take on the beautiful culture of Italy. Enjoy!